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LunaPic Animation Help and Examples

Edit Animation Settings - Change the speed or looping of the animation.
Edit Animation Ordering / Frames - Add, remove or change order of individual frames of your animation.
Show Animation Frames - if you have an animated image, it will show you the individual frames of the animation and let you delete and reorder the frames.
Animation Frame Timing Change the timing for each animation frame
Add Animation Frame Upload a new image, copy and existing frame or create a new blank frame. This will create an animation if you only have one image currently.
Video Conversion and Cropping Upload a video and convert it to an animated gif. Change speed, frames and size.
Animate an image: Select from these examples!



Jittery Blur

Liquid Crush

Simple Snowfall

Slideshow Animation

Transition Effects

Reflecting Water

Rotating Cube

Dissolve Frames

Scary Horror

Blood Rain

Groovy Color

Water Droplet


Polaroid Pile

Old Movie Effect

Groovy Rainbow

Sparkles Effect

Pouring Rain Effect

Rain Drops Effect

Snow Effect

Hearts Effect

Bubbles Effect

Lightning effect

Fire effect


Spin Blur





Horizontal Scan

Vertical Scan

3d Rotate

Color Cycle Animation

Warhol Effect Animation

Custom Animation Effects

Pixelated Image Animation

Shamrocks Image Animation
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Try These Effects and Animations
Mirror Copy Negative Color Box Rounded Border Spin Blur Pixelate

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